Warehouse Home Series.

This series featured Warehouse Homes director Sophie Bush as she presented various Bisque products in a warehouse home setting. The series required a lot of pre production to create the correct tone and approach. The location was essential to demonstrate the unique positions the products could be fitted. The end result is a stylish and informative set of videos that showcases the radiators in their best light…



This advert was more about educating the viewer on how versatile and unique Bisque radiators are. The video demonstrates how the products can ‘complete’ a space and make it a show piece. A lot of time was spent working through each shot to mask each product to remove them completely and then add them in on the beat of the track…

Colour Matching.

A key selling point of the Bisque products is the ability to colour match. It was important to produce a fun and exciting video that helped demonstrate this whilst educating the viewer. This project took a lot of time to prepare the images for manipulating the colours and then choosing the final colours you see in the final cut...


“We have used them for a number of projects, all of which have been created to the highest quality. Working with them is always a seamless experience, from storyboarding to uploading on to our various platforms, they’re always at the end of the phone if you need them.”

— Ellie Sawdy, Head of Marketing, Bisque