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Brighton Half Marathon.


We’ve been capturing the BHM since 2014 and weather was on our side during the 2018 BHM which is the biggest risk with filming an outside event. The scale of the event and length of the race means several camera operators are required for the shoot at key markers…



Poor weather conditions can prove a challenge with any event but especially with filming. We had 4 camera operators and an aerial team to coordinate whilst also ensuring key shots were captured which means timings are essential…


This was the first BHM race video we included aerial filming for, which opened up many different filming options. We wanted to focus on showcasing Brighton as the backdrop and as an essential element of the event. The mix in ground and aerial filming made this a standard with future race videos moving forward…


“United Magic Studios are both professional and approachable in equal measure and it was a pleasure working with them. We now have an excellent race promo videos that we are all very proud of.”

— David Hill, Event Manager The Brighton Half Marathon