The Blue Penguin Co.

Language. It’s what connects us.

This stylish and thought provoking promo for Blue Penguin Co. gave us a fresh canvas to produce something a little different. We spent a lot of time sourcing cinematic and impactful stock footage to help create our story and then edit it into a working edit that delivered their story. We considered several voiceover artists to find the right tone and style that we required for the theme of the project…


Language for Professionals.

A detour from our previous project for Blue Penguin Co. This more ‘professional’ focussed video required interviews with key individuals to help create our narrative and message. The feel and tone was meant to be upbeat and positive whilst informing the viewer. We kept the a similar tone to the main promo but expanded upon it…

Company Promo.

Our first video for The Blue Penguin Co. had us interview several international students to capture their own unique experience of the service. The edit had to be refined to ensure the messages they delivered were clear and positive for the viewer. This video became our foundation for future videos…


“We have worked on a number of projects with United Magic Studio over the past 18 months and have been nothing short of thrilled with the results each time. They are true professionals, and a joy to work with on every level from concept to delivery. They listen carefully to their clients’ wishes, and then transforms those wishes into goose-bump inducing video content.”

— Leigh Walter, Owner, The Blue Penguin Co.