Wannado Street Dance.


The first in our series of student focussed stories for Wannado Street Dance features 8 year old Ethan. We set out to capture his personality and confidence in dance by filming him compete followed by a sit down interview in a relaxed environment…



The style of this series was intended to have a more modern and stylish approach due to the audience. The editing techniques and music choice was chosen with that in mind. The end result is an impactful and in depth story from a passionate student…


Being slightly older than the previous students, Lilly’ stories required a more careful approach and direction. The goal was to encourage other like minded teenagers to give street dance a go. By producing a video with an authentic feel, we feel we achieved that…


“They knocked this one out of the park. They’ve been professional from the start but also reliable, trust worthy and honest. I now have dynamic, inspiring fresh content to compliment my brand.”

— Kerry Smith, Director, Wannado Street Dance